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Monday, 28 February 2011 19:57

Informed Youth And Informed Choice

By Daniel Semere

It is the oft-repeated era of information we are living in. Information is crucial in the life of humans to the point where it can decide our very existence. It is an on-going, daily process, occurring in every human being’s life, through verbal and sign communication, reading and viewing. Without information humanity comes to a halt and there could be no action that can take place at any level of life. In short every aspect of our life, directly or indirectly, depends upon information. As such it has come to determine any kind of development in our various tasks.

It could be considered fortunate that the world is full of information necessary for the progress of an individual and a society. But this doesn’t mean that all the information available are good and useful for there are as much bad and un- useful and even dangerous. Hence it is important to be selective and there is a need to prioritize on the important and relevant information we need. Having said this however, our success as individual and as a nation depends upon the fulfillment of this requirement. That is the simple reason why any country should work diligently towards developing an informed youth. An Informed Youth is someone in the prime of one’s age who realizes the need for information that is relevant in various aspect of one’s life.

This could be success in academic/professional pursuits; for one’s success in the society; to keep oneself in good health; to carry out one’s civic responsibilities; to be equipped with the wisdom to take the right decisions for one’s own development and that of the society; and also to be aware of the norms and values of the society, which will keep one morally upright. Whether we like it or not, surviving in the ever changing competitive world of our times demands the ability to see and appreciate this relevant need. Short cuts are as much outdated as they lack respect. No matter how slow their progress may seem, it is those who are sound in their chosen vocations, honest in their dealings, hardworking and accountable for their actions who ultimately get to the top. One of the basic hallmark of today’s world is competition which is always present when one moves up in one’s endeavors as individual or nation.

This has left no option for complacency at any stage in life but be alert and parallel with current developments in individual life, the society, and of the world as a whole. Hence, any youth who is well informed, who through wisdom, honesty and hard work is able to brave the omnipresent competition and succeeds becomes a strong force to be reckoned with and therefore has a greater chance of becoming a dependable partner in tasks, which require such people’s decision-making. After all, information is all about guiding a decision.

Needless to say, our decision is usually expected to lead us in the direction of development and bring about improvements to the situation of an individual, society or a nation. Sometimes however, we lack the right information and hence wisdom and make decisions that retard progress and development. The problem is that we have no choice but to make decision on how to go about our business. And these decisions can make or ruin our life or in case of a nation the lives of its citizens. Here we need to remember that whether formal or otherwise; each person is involved in deciding not only the fate of that individual but also the collective fate of the society.

If therefore an informed youth is well placed in a society it can be depended upon to make good decisions. And building such a youth is a task of the youth themselves and the various organized bodies that has a stake on this matter. The youth therefore must strive to be a hard worker and passionate about everything that one believes in. Changing gear with every ideology every time it is introduced does not make one focused in life. To avoid this, the youth should have an aim to be the best in all that they do and be morally upright. This is the question of principle, uncompromising one’s position easily and not allowing oneself to be bought with anything.

It is to this that the role of organized bodies can have a meaningful effect. Nonetheless it is very crucial and especially organization that represent the youth. To this end the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS) vision is creating awareness among the youth issues that may hinder their successful progress in life. As such NUEYS should create a clear information flow from the people that are informed like the professionals and experienced people to the youth that need this information for their personal development and also the nation’s.

Indeed the NUEYS is striving to fulfill this need through its various media outlets noticeably the Menesey magazine and newspapers in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, which are prepared in various national and international languages. Furthermore as part of this endeavor different radio and TVs youth oriented programs is being conducted. All these tasks emanates from the deep conviction that there is a lot of information that the youth requires to make progressive changes, overcome challenges, be focused and determined, make choices and learn preventive measures so as to have a bright future.

It is the combination and coordination of such endeavors that help to bridge the gap between the informed and the youth that need this information for development. And the ultimate role of NUEYS should be becoming a forum where the youth can easily find the information that can help them or they need to make the right choice in life. It can only be through supporting the youth that the future generation is secured and protected against destruction. And it is only when we do that the future of the nation is guaranteed.

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