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Tuesday, 19 October 2010 20:20

A Way Out of No Way

By Daniel Semere

At the core of the ever increasing achievement of all the development processes we see around the world, lies the concept of making way out of no way. It is therefore the people who do this that have a far bigger role in the transformation of the world than people who just do what they are told. These people are those who see the opportunities and possibilities around them and toil to transform them into something new. Needless to say there are always opportunities around us no matter with how much challenges they may be encircled. The only thing needed is the intelligence to identify them and the initiative and perseverance to actually set out to achieve them. Beside the novelty the work that can be achieved, this can also be a remedy to the growing demand of employment and the meager opportunity the mainstream traditional source of employment provides.

The issue of employment concerns first and foremost the youth. And nowadays it has become one of the most pressing social issues that every country is having trouble to address. Unemployment stands as the first cause of social turmoil and lawlessness causing social havoc in many countries. The unremitting problem in this issue is that the mainstream source of employment simply couldn’t cope with the growing population and the consequent increasing demand for job thereof. Many have sought the ultimate solution for this ceaseless problem in self employment. This is because in as much as it is the cause of unemployment, population growth has also created this huge demand for virtually everything. And hence, gives a chance for anyone who can offer to alleviate this demand.

Therefore the youth’s very first step toward success as an entrepreneur is recognizing that we possess enough independence to leave the perceived safety of traditional employment. But what we need to become successfully self-employed is something that poses a challenge for many and especially for youth who are most likely to be a starter. The first thing we can do is to acknowledge the fact that anything has to have a beginning. So beginning by itself is what we can do. But for this to be successful there has to be a good fit with what we are thinking of doing. This is because as in life, in self- employment and entrepreneurship too, the essence comes down to the concept of fit. If we ask why do relationship last or fail or people live long doing what they do best, it is simply because there exists a good fit. Now, there are only two ways to achieve a “good fit” between the person and a business that person is self-employed in. Here pure luck might sometimes explain it but more important is consciously exploring who we are and how we might connect to the world of self-employment.

Hence, we need to give ourselves permission to reflect deeply on what we want out of life and out of a particular venture. It is a simple, but overlooked notion that people do better with activities that utilize their natural skills and talents. Understanding who we are and what we are good at will direct us toward more logical choices. When we take the time to travel the road of self-discovery and act on the things that we come to learn about ourselves, we simply can become more productive and be satisfied with our work.

But as in anything else there is a need to guide and help the youth discover their talent and contribute to the overall production and performance of the nation. And here comes the service of organized bodies of unions, the government and associations. The National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS) is one such an institution that should work relentlessly toward uplifting the youth. Our youth are generally believed to be creative and improvisational. But the invaluable assets of our youth should be harnessed in the desirable direction by guiding our youth and helping them to find their way in the future.

Accomplishing this dictates the need to make a big investment in our youth as much as possible not to miss or waste any chance in this endeavor. Hence, equipping our youth with education, skill, and discipline should be the task of everyone to bring up a healthy society. And although it might seem that little has been done when comparing to the immensity of the task and the huge resource it needs, there are some accomplishment worth mentioning. One endeavor toward this goal is giving training to the youth in various vocation and field areas that can serve as a spring board in their future and hence our country’s as well. The various training and support include courses and trainings that direct the youth towards their tendency and enable them to develop on what they could accomplish effectively. This can potentially serve as a medium for the youth to explore the different potential and resources from within themselves as well as their environment.

One of the most important pillars of any entrepreneurial skill is the ability to identify needs and demands. It is therefore to the credit of NUEYS that it’s been able to organize trainings in the field where there is timely need. This has enabled the youth not only to be beneficiaries of the timely opportunities but also develop expertise around the fields. The ultimate success of such programs in developing entrepreneurial skill depends on its ability to make the youth think creatively, help them to ask questions about how businesses might be created in new and better ways, using new and different processes. Open their eyes to the entrepreneurial opportunities that are all around us.

So the efforts that are being made by NUEYS are bound to have an effect in inspiring the youth in to developing careers for their futures. And such opportunities and experiences may change the vision of their future for many of our youth. However, it is all to no avail unless the youth themselves start to appreciate and set out to try and acquire knowledge and expertise in different field; and also manage their time effectively and try to make the most out of any opportunities their environment provides.

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