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The Longest Painting In The World: Put Our Youth At The Forefront Of Environmental Issues PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 23 April 2012 14:08

By: Daniel Semere

Pictures of Rally!

On the 26 November 2011 the measurement process of the longest painting in the world was conducted on the outskirts of Asmara. The painting was measured on the ground by professional surveyors and engineers and with professional equipment coming from the National Mapping and Information Center. After four hours the measurement was confirmed by the signature of the witnesses to be 7.166 km long. And now this outstanding feat by the Eritrean children has deservingly broken the record for the longest canvas painting in the world which so far has been held by Mexico. The painting measures 7.166 m and is officially put in the Guinness World Record.

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NUEYS Central Council holds 11th regular meeting PDF Print E-mail
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The Central Council of the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS) held its 11th regular meeting from 28 to 29 October 2011 under the theme “A mobilized, conscious youth for progressive development and struggle”.

Closely coinciding with the Central Council meeting was the annul evaluation of NUEYS as a whole, where 285 youth leaders from every sub-zone of Eritrea participated. The profile of participants included the heads of all zonal departments, heads of all sub-zonal offices, and 2 additional cadres from each sub-zone, all of which had to take into consideration gender balance. Each department, zonal office, and a model sub-zone office presented their annual reports. The youth leaders were able to question and make comments on the reports, as well as suggest ways to improve the Unions activities for the coming year.

During the evaluation meeting, participants were also presented with two research papers developed by Union members and were able to comment on them, namely a paper on “The Current Situation and Future Perspectives of NUEYS Cadres” and “The Role of NUEYS in building a Culture of Reading”.

Different from previous annual evaluation meetings, sub-zones which had conducted exemplary work over the year were given awards based on a criterion that included the number of activities conducted, the number of new members recruited, and facility management (office, youth center, etc.). Accordingly, sub-zoba Downtown Asmara (NUEYS Central Zone), sub-zoba Asmat (NUEYS Zoba Anseba), sub-zoba Adi Quala (NUEYS Southern Zone), sub-zoba Nacfa (NUEYS Northern Red Sea), sub-zoba Arraata (NUEYS Southern Red Sea), sub-zoba Tesseney (NUEYS Gash Barka), and the College of Marine Science and Technology (NUEYS Sawa and Higher Institutions) received trophies for their exemplary work.

The NUEYS Central Council conducted its meeting after the annual evaluation meeting. Discussions revolved around the issue of raising the political awareness of the youth, an assessment of the Union’s activities over the last year, the adoption of a newly developed result-based reporting system, as well as the approval of the Annual Action Plan for October 2011—September 2012 with its budget. The CC also approved that the Project Department of NUEYS would change its work and scope to become the Innovation and Employment Creation Department. The department will now be focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship development, micro-credit schemes for youth, and vocational skills training.

The annual evaluation meeting and the 11th regular meeting of the NUEYS Central Council took place in Asmara, with NUEYS Central Zone as the host. The Administer of the Central Region, Mr. Kahsai Gebrehiewt, presided over the opening. In his speech, he said that the Government is doing its level best to nurture responsible and dedicated youth. He also reminded the participants of the meeting to live up to expectations, to realize their responsibility and duty, and to make their due contribution in nation- building processes.


GeezIME Launched to the Public PDF Print E-mail
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As the use of computers and internet have become essential for the daily activities, interactions and transactions of the people, the demand to be able to use these tools in one’s language has also increased intensively. However, in order for one’s language and culture to be interpreted through technology, it requires the ability to process and publish written materials easily.

The Geez script is used by the languages Tigrinya and Tigre; a completely different type of alphabet than the most commonly used Latin alphabet, it not only requires a change of font, but also simple techniques to interpret user operations to the characters of the intended language.

Through the cooperation of NUEYS’ innovation and inventions program, Able GeezIME software has been developed as an input method editor for the Geez writing system, not only for easier typing but also taking into the consideration the needs of disabled people, both the blind and hearing-impaired.

A true work of genius, this software has been developed by Fitsum Gaim in cooperation with youth leaders of NUEYS and friends of NUEYS. Able GeezIME is so easy to use; just press control+shift to turn it on and off. It is even easier to type in Geez on an English keyboard than previously developed Geez software. With a voice output support enabled in the software, the visually impaired can have their text read to them by just pressing the shift button. And, if it suits your needs, you can have your text changed into sign language by just highlighting it and changing the font. And check this out people: Able GeezIME is absolutely free!

To learn more about the software and to download it, visit

Able GeezIME is part of the Eri Lingual Solutions Series, delivered by a special interest group aimed at delivering language related solutions to public. The Eritrean Sign Language is a recently standardized language of the Eritrean deaf society.

It should be recalled that NUEYS provides financial support and micro-credit schemes for youth to explore their potential in inventions and innovation projects. For more information on how you can support and/or get involved in this program, please contact NUEYS directly.


NUEYS stages over 7 km.-long painting at world competition PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 26 November 2011 11:03

The National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS) is staging a 7.2 Km.-long painting on canvas that conveys a single message at an international competition, according to the coordinator of the program, Mr. Asefaw Asmelash.

He said that the painting under the theme ‘Pollution-Free World’ was painted by a total of 827 under-17 youth from all the Eritrean Administrative regions following a two-year study.


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Informed Youth And Informed Choice PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 28 February 2011 19:57

Informed Youth And Informed Choice

By Daniel Semere

It is the oft-repeated era of information we are living in. Information is crucial in the life of humans to the point where it can decide our very existence. It is an on-going, daily process, occurring in every human being’s life, through verbal and sign communication, reading and viewing. Without information humanity comes to a halt and there could be no action that can take place at any level of life. In short every aspect of our life, directly or indirectly, depends upon information. As such it has come to determine any kind of development in our various tasks.

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