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History Shall Not Repeat Itself!

2 December 2010, NUEYS Eritrea

Today, 2 December 2010, marks 60 years of when the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 390-A (V). To any politically conscious Eritrean youth, resolution 390-A (V) represents a huge turning point in Eritrea’s history. By adopting this resolution, the United Nations had ignored Eritrea’s desire and right to independence. Despite the clear demand for independence by the people of Eritrea, the UN adopted the U.S. sponsored Federal Act, joining Eritrea to neighboring Ethiopia in what was a bogus federation that eventually led to the complete annexation of Eritrea to Ethiopia in 1962. What pursued was a 30-year long armed struggle that witnessed the killing of tens of thousands of Eritreans. It was through the dedication and sacrifice of Eritrea’s youth that makes Eritrea the independent country it is today (20 years and counting). It was through the sacrifices of our martyrs that the consequences of UN Resolution 390-A (V) were finally reversed.

Today’s generation of Eritrean youth have a different UN Resolution to worry about. Last year, 23 December 2009, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1907 (2009) imposing sanctions on Eritrea on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations. Knowing that it was exactly today, 60 years ago, that the United Nations passed an ill-advised, UNjust resolution on Eritrea, and that the UNjust  sanctions imposed on Eritrea last year has yet to be annulled, it is easy to imagine a young person today asking the question, is history repeating itself?

One cannot go back and change history, but one can always play a role in changing the future. So that history DOES NOT repeat itself, it is pivotal that Eritrean youth and their friends from around the world call for the unconditional lifting of the Unjust sanctions against Eritrea.

Resolution 1907 (2009) imposes sanctions on Eritrea on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations:

Eritrea’s “support” to Somali insurgents

Eritrea’s failure to comply with Security Council request to resolve “a border dispute” with Djibouti.

The Resolution is based on unsubstantiated allegations and charges that are proven to be untrue and has therefore no legal ground. Eritrea has vehemently denied the allegations and its consistent request for evidence has been ignored by the UN Security Council. Moreover, the “border dispute” with Djibouti is a fabrication which has only been added to Resolution 1907 (2009) to justify the sanctions. This politically motivated resolution is thus another attempt against Eritrea’s freedom and sovereignty.

Accordingly, the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS) calls on the unconditional lifting of the UNjust sanctions against Eritrea. Moreover, NUEYS calls on all Eritrean youth and friends of Eritrean youth around the world to play their part in the Worldwide Action Month for Eritrea.

For 30 days, 20 November to 20 December 2010, Eritreans and friends of Eritreans are taking part in a Worldwide Action Month for Eritrea. The 30 days of “Action for Eritrea” is part of the E-SMART campaign to have the illegal unfair and unjust sanctions annulled and repealed. There is no evidence to support the UN Security Council’s allegations against Eritrea and the sanctions violate Eritrea’s right to self determination and self defense, both of which are enshrined in the UN Charter.

For more information on how you may participate in Worldwide Action Month for Eritrea, please follow the E-Smart website, http://www.eritrean-smart.org/. You may also follow NUEYS’ weblog (http://nueyseritrea.wordpress.com) and NUEYS’ Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=158438774180779).

Victory to the Eritrean youth movement as it won’t let history repeat itself!!

Victory to the Masses!!

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