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Youth Exchange Program: Cultural diversity for mutual understanding, dialogue and development



The reason behind the youth exchange program: to participate in various activities that creates the most powerful act of cultural exchange and community service. The youth from the Diaspora are a part of a different community that is far from home yet very similar to their own, especially in regards to core values. While participating in cultural exchanges and community service, the participants begin to reflect on the ways of their own people and culture, noticing many of the small details of their own culture. This reflection results in deeper understanding and greater appreciation of one’s identity.


Program goals
1. To construct an environment that encourages youth to discover the cultural aspects of Eritrea and inspire them to learn more about the Eritrean people and their culture.
2. To develop an atmosphere conducive to intergenerational interaction.
3. To provide hands-on, meaningful, culturally relevant community service activities.

This program aims to provide young people with an opportunity to exchange views on global issues from cross-cultural perspectives. The program organizes lectures and sessions for the exchange of views on a global topic among the participants, as well as to promote the participants’ understanding of Eritrea by arranging visits to various sites where they can conduct community service with their peers and have cultural exchanges with the Eritrean people.

Full and effective participation of youth in the life of society encourages increased national, regional and international cooperation and exchange between youth and youth organizations. The central challenge we face today is to ensure that globalization becomes a positive force for the people. Accordingly, the overall aim of this program is to create a youth culture of service by encouraging young people to take initiative in their community.



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